Sara Yorty Memorial Award

Ms. Sara Ann Yorty was a graduate of Annville-Cleona High School class of 1996.  She was a graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University class of December of 2000 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Education and Bible.  She also received a Masters of Education degree from Millersville State University.  Sara was a devoted teacher who taught in the Red Lion School District for seven years from August of 2001 until March of 2008, when her life was tragically cut short as a result of a hiking accident.

The Sara Ann Yorty Memorial Award was created and is designed to celebrate Sara’s life and the dedication she had to her students and the teaching profession by identifying A-C faculty members (K-12) of kindred spirit and devotion.  In her short life, Sara had a life-changing impact on her students.  As such, this award celebrates the outstanding contributions of members of the A-C faculty, K-12, who have gone beyond the call of duty in their devotion and dedication to their students and made an impact on those students that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. In November of 2010, the school district turned the award over to the Foundation which made the decision to expand eligible recipients to all faculty and staff.  

Provided that there is a suitable candidate, based on student nominations received and judged by the Dutchmen Foundation as deserving, a Sara Ann Yorty award will be presented at Annville-Cleona School Board meetings for November, January, March, and May of each year.  The award presented each quarter will include a certificate and a monetary award of $250.

Past Award Recipients:

January, 2018:  Norm Sanger

November, 2017:  Mark Brophy

May 18, 2017:  Joy Longenecker (below)


March 16, 2017:  John Rodriquez

January 19, 2017:  Todd Kleinfelter (below)

Todd Kleinfelter

November 17, 2016:  David Wright

June 23, 2016:  Kathy George

May 19, 2016:  Dean Metzgar

May 21, 2015:  Kelly Keenan

April 23, 2015:  John Brewer

March 19, 2015:  Cody Dodson

February 19, 2015:  Mark Brophy

January 22, 2015:  Ray Kreiser

November 20, 2014:  Todd Narehood

May 15, 2014:  Dawn Davis

April 16, 2014:  Tim Gettle

March 20, 2014:  Sue Bonfanti

February 20, 2014:  Michael Merry

March 21, 2013:  Erin Snyder

February 21, 2013:  Jim Gardner

January 17, 2013:  Abigail Balchune

May 17, 2012:  Ryan Clements

April 19, 2012:  Millie Blount

March 15, 2012:  Jackie Mancini

February 16, 2012:  Kristi Gould

January 19, 2012:  Ray Kreiser

November 17, 2011:  Elizabeth Weaver

November 18, 2010:  Sue Brightbill

May 20, 2010:  Kathleen Flynn

April 15, 2010:  Jane Forney

March 18, 2010:  Susan Kreamer

February 18, 2010:  Susan Felty

January 21, 2010:  Robin Lefever

November 19, 2009:  Anita Mentzer

October 22, 2009:  Talia Sawich

April 16, 2009:  Scott Shyda

March 19, 2009:  Bruce Yeany

February 19, 2009:  George Reitbauer

January 22, 2009:  Sue Brightbill

October 16, 2008:  Melanie Schaeffer

September 18, 2008:  Mark Dimick

June 16, 2008:  Kay Campbell

May 19, 2008:  Ryan Clements

April 21, 2008:  Sue Bonfanti and Don Schade